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School Lunches

Hot School Lunches 

The hot lunches at Hatfeild are provided by our catering team at Caterlink.

Hot school lunches can be ordered on a daily basis and are available to all children under the Mayors free school lunches scheme. 

Please find more information about the scheme here

Please see below for our Summer menu.

Please click the link below to fill in the allergy and intolerance form and return this to the school office prior to your child starting hot school lunches.

Packed Lunches

A healthy meal is important because it will help children to:

  • Be healthier now and later in life;
  • Be ready for learning and show positive behaviours;
  • Maintain a healthy mental wellbeing

Where possible, packed lunches should include:

  • One portion of pasta salad, sandwich, bread roll or pitta bread. (nothing that needs heating)
  • Cooked meat or boiled egg as a filling in a sandwich.
  • One portion of fruit and vegetables e.g. carrot/cucumber sticks, cherry tomatoes, apple, banana etc.
  • One portion of yoghurt or cheese.
  • One drink water or a sugar free juice. (no fizzy drinks)

 We also recommend children eat fruit or yoghurt as their pudding choice. However, cereal bars, raisins.

We are a healthy foods school and there for no chocolate bars can be eaten.

Examples of a good packed lunch

Example 1- Example 2-

Ham/cheese/egg/pasta/jam/tuna Sandwich



Pasta pot

Cheese square

Carrot sticks

Cereal bar

 It can be hard to ensure children eat a healthy packed lunch. Below are some healthy tips:

  • Instead of cakes, chocolates and biscuits, try currant buns (without icing), fruit bread, tea cakes and malt loaf.
  • Always include a drink to help your child concentrate. Go for still water or unsweetened fruit juice. Remember, the hidden sugar and to check labels for example one Carpri Sun drink contains 7 and half teaspoons of sugar; would you have that much sugar in your tea/coffee?
  • Cook some extra pasta, rice or potatoes with dinner the night before to make into an effortless and tasty salad for lunch the next day.
  • Make easy swaps – for example, if your child likes something sweet, give them raisins or a small can or pot of chopped fruit instead of a chocolate bar. If they prefer savoury foods, ditch the crisps and give them plain popcorn (over 5’s), rice cakes or crunchy carrot sticks instead.
  • Keep a selection of breads in the freezer for sandwiches. Then you can just take out which one you need for one day’s lunchbox and defrost it on a plate or in the microwave.
  • Using a different type of bread, each day, can make lunchboxes more interesting. Try granary, wholemeal or whole white bread, pitta, fruit bread, bagels, English muffins, chapatti or wraps.
  • Don’t forget the dairy – low-fat custard, fromage fraise, rice pudding or yoghurt are very popular and good for growing bones!
  • Provide fruit in small pots which are easy and quick to eat, e.g. chopped canned pineapple, satsuma pieces (peeled), raisins, dried apricots, grapes, peeled and chopped kiwi fruit.
Please note, to safeguard our pupils we operate a complete no-nut policy at Hatfeild including a ban on lunch items including Nutella, snickers, peanut butter and all other nut based products.