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Our Library

Hatfeild is a reading for pleasure school. We believe that a love of reading is a vital component to future success. We aim to foster a love of reading in every child and provide many opportunities to experience reading in a variety of settings. Our children lead a lunchtime book club, where their peers can bring a book to share with friends, we have an after-school 'story' club for our KS1 children and 'book club' for KS2, and time is scheduled during the school day when children are able to share books with friends and adults. 

Our school library is bursting with a range of books for our children to enjoy. It is a bright and inspiring spot where children can enjoy browsing, reading and borrowing from our extensive collection. Children are invited to get comfy on our lovely new beanbags and enjoy a book independently or with a friend. 

We have an enthusiastic team of volunteer librarians who look after our books, re-shelve the returns and help children with their enquiries. Our volunteers have spent time ensuring that the library is an inviting and exciting place and welcome the children, always ensuring that they leave with a book that suits their interests. 

Everyone from our earliest readers to our chapter book explorers enjoy time in our bright, space-themed library. Our fiction section holds both classic stories and the latest literature written for children.

At Hatfeild, we are lucky enough to have a reference library, where the children can explore our vast array of non-fiction.  This space helps them to explore the world in which we live and enables them to follow  their interests and hobbies through rich and exciting texts. 

From Reception upwards, all children at Hatfeild visit the library on a two-week cycle with their class. This gives them the chance to borrow a book to take home. 

We also have our book-swap shed which is located outside the school office. This gives everyone in the school community (even the adults) the opportunity to bring a book that they have read and swap it for one that they have not.