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Welcome to the ARP

Hatfeild ARP is an Additionally Resourced Provision for 22 children with a primary need of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. We have been open since April 2016. We work closely with the other primary ASD ARPs in Merton to ensure consistently high quality provision for our families.  

Admissions to the ARP are entirely separate from places in the main school – and are made through Merton’s Special Educational Needs Admissions Team.

We have three classes:

  • Acorn;
  • Seedlings;
  • Oak. 

We promote a collaborative approach between our staff and parents to best support our pupils.  We aim to create opportunities for parents to come together and for friendships between pupils to be celebrated, which strengthens our ARP community.

Our Curriculum

All pupils have access to core subjects (Maths, English and Science) and the Foundation subjects (all other subjects). We use a topic-based approach to learning, which engages children and helps them to build skills in learning and thinking. Please see Curriculum Overviews for the topics covered in your child’s class.

The method of teaching within the ARP is based on the Attention Autism Approach, developed by Gina Davies, Speech and Language Therapist. This method ensures learning is engaging and motivating. The children are taught from the Early Years Foundation Stage and Primary National Curriculum, using a differentiated approach, adapted to the individual needs.


The School is also committed to adopting an inclusive approach in all aspects of its work. We believe that where it is suitable for an individual learner in The ARP, access to mainstream classes can help to promote independence and social awareness. This can take several forms: shared playtimes, lunchtimes, assemblies, trips, as well as participating in selected mainstream lessons. All mainstream opportunities are planned on an individual basis to ensure these experiences are both meaningful and beneficial for the child. 


We assess learners using the greater precision offered by a system called Connecting Steps, from BSquared. It is better configured to record the smaller steps of progress that our learners make, to build a bigger and more accurate picture of each pupil’s learning and progress.

Meet our Staff


Jessie Curtis Sarah Duke Megan Duneclift
Acorns Class Teacher

Oak Class Teacher

Seedlings Class Teacher

Useful Links

Merton Local Offer - Information about services and support for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities

SEND Local Offer - Merton

Meron Special Educatoinal Needs Information, Advice and Support Service (MIASS)

Impartial advice and guidance to parent/carers and young people with regard to SEND and multi-agency support and intervention, including support around school selection.

Telephone: 020 8543 8854