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Governors' Profiles

Sophie Jones - Chair of Governors

Sophie Jones

Safeguarding/GDPR Governor

My name is Sophie Jones and I was elected as a parent governor in 2021. This was then changed and I became a co-opted governor in July 2023 and also the interim Chair of Governors.

I have two children who attend Hatfeild and both are very happy and well settled in the school. I am a qualified Social Worker and working with children at risk of significant harm and children with complex disabilities are my areas of expertise, which I have really enjoyed sharing over the last few years with the school.

The recent OFSTED outcome was disappointing, but I can clearly see where improvements have already been made over the year 2022/23 and the school action plan is really striving to drive this forward positively, which I am really proud to support as a governor.

As a parent I can also see the difference for my children which is what this is all about after all!

School is much more than just a place to learn for children, it's about having fun, feeling safe, making relationships and I am really pleased that I am able to support the school as a governor.

Liz Sullivan - Clerk

Liz Sullivan

Liz Sullivan - Clerk to the Governors

I have been the Clerk to Hatfeild's Governing Body for many years and over that time have been greatly impressed by the dedication and commitment of the school's governors. As clerk I am responsible for producing the agendas and minutes for all meetings as well as carrying out the various administrative tasks required to support the governing body. I have always enjoyed my role and found that it has increased my awareness of the huge task required to run an effective school. I have three teenage children, all of whom attended Hatfeild. My connection with the school has been varied over the years. As a parent I was Minute Secretary and Vice Chair of the H.S.A. and I have been involved with the school's pantomime as chorus member, prompt and director. For 14 months I had a placement as Teaching Assistant in Year 2 before taking up the position of Literacy Support for pupils in Years 1 and 2 at St. Matthews School in Raynes Park.

Edith Macauley - Local Authority Governor

Edith Macauley

Local Authority Liaison

I have been a School Governor of Hatfield School since 1997 and have served in various committees in the school. I work for the Communication Workers Union in Wimbledon as the Union's Legal Administrator and have done so for over 40 years working in the Legal Department. I am also a Magistrate in the South Western Magistrates Bench and sit regularly at Wimbledon and Lavender Hill Courts. I was first elected as a Local Councillor in May 1997 and was re-elected again this year. Her Majesty awarded me the MBE in 2012 for services to the Community. I live in Queen Mary Avenue which is local to the School and am married with a daughter and also have a grandson.

Mick Bradshaw - Co-Opted Governor

Mick Bradshaw

Sports Funding Governor

I was a Hatfeild parent for 13 years and both of my children have now gone onto Merton high schools. I enjoyed working part-time, and being one of the Dads in the playground while my children were at the school. Although no longer a parent, I still enjoy being a Governor! Morden is where I have lived for most of my life. I also work nearby in Sutton, working with teachers and schools to help them plan and manage their school visits, and occasionally I still get to work on expeditions or other adventures with them too. I have also accompanied many of the Hatfeild school journeys to the Isle of Wight, Sayers Croft and France. Despite living in a big city, I think there is a definite sense of being part of a community in and around Hatfeild and feel that we can all do a little bit to make ourselves part of the community and to make it a better place to live and go to school. As Governors we are determined to make Hatfeild the best place that it can be for all the children that come here and to see them all achieve the best that they are capable of.

Zehra Safdar - Parent Governor

Zehra Safdar

Curriculum and Standards Committee Chair


As a mother of three, with one of my children in Reception & a second in year 4, I have enjoyed getting involved with school trips, assemblies, HSA, chatting to other parents and the teachers. I've learnt what a positive experience the early school years can be, and how much of a potential influence it has upon the development of our children and that we as parents & teachers must ensure we get it right for them. As a NHS employee over the last 12 years I have always worked directly with people, learnt the value of being kind and direct, being held accountable for my decision making, and challenging respectfully. Working within inner London, I understand how important this has been to help me be more culturally sensitive and promote equal opportunities. I believe that parent governors have a special role & should always try to assess issues and decisions from the point of view of parents/carers. It is vital that children have the opportunity to achieve a good education and every parent should be given the opportunity to best support their child's education. Im so pleased to be part of the Hatfield Community and endeavour to ensure it remains a fun and happy learning environment for our children

Yasmin O'Connor - SEN & Pupil Premium Governor

Yasmin O'Connor

SEN & Pupil Premium Governor

I was delighted to join the governing board as a parent governor in the Autumn term of 2021. I work an Assistant Principal in an all-through Special School for boys with social, emotional and mental health needs with responsibility for Vocational subjects, English and Sixth Form. I have 8 years of experience as a senior leader in education and this has given me knowledge of strategic leadership in curriculum, SEND, inclusion and behaviour.

I am the proud mum of three girls- the youngest two have attended Hatfeild since nursery and my oldest daughter joined school in year 4. I am passionate about giving students with SEND, and those in receipt of Pupil Premium, equal access to success in education.  I hope my experience will help the governing board to continue to improve outcomes for all pupils at Hatfeild.

Mark Davey - Co-Opted Governor

Mark Davey,

My name is Mark and I was co-opted as community governor in Autumn 21.
I have 2 children, one of whom is currently at Hatfeild. I am Vicar of
St Martin's Church, Morden. As community governor and local vicar, I
believe it's important for Hatfeild to have a good relationship with
the local community. As community governor, I look forward to working
with the school, parents, and wider community in fostering good
relationships. In my spare time I enjoy watching
football, films, and walking in the countryside.

Liz Brewin - Parent Governor

Liz Brewin

I am a parent of two children, one who has left Hatfeild and one who is still in the school. I am an active member of the school community with a wide variety of experiences. I am in the privileged position of understanding the school experience from both the point of view of a parent and an experienced primary school teacher.

I am passionate about children's positive wellbeing and social, emotional  and mental health, which is imperative for effective learning to happen. Every child is special within their diverse school community. As such, I am a keen advocate for children and parents, to ensure that all needs are met for all children, including access to educational equity. This can be achieved through positive, clear and constructive communication and relationships between pupils, parents and school.

I look forward to sharing my passion and experience to support the Hatfeild School community, to strive for a fun, happy school experience and to ensure the best outcomes for all children.

Jenni Lau - Parent Governor

Jenni Lau

I am delighted to be a Parent Governor at Hatfeild Primary. My eldest child came to Reception at Hatfeild in 2014 and is now in Year 8 and my daughter is in Year 4. I have loved volunteering at the school and getting to know the children's teachers, making friends with the parents at the school gate and I now value the opportunity to be a Governor at the school. I really love our school community and want to see Hatfeild go from strength to strength.

I grew up in South Africa but have been in the UK for almost 20 years and view London as home. I was trained as a Primary school teacher and taught in both South Africa and the UK, as a full-time teacher. I have also done some supply teaching. Now I am a full-time Mum and keep myself busy with volunteering and my own craft projects.