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At Hatfeild we follow the London Borough of Merton Admissions policy. 

If you would like to  join our school community, you can find full details on the application process on the Merton Admissions Page. 

What are Rising 3s

Rising 3s are children who join a Nursery following their third birthday but earlier than their standard point of entry. Most children will start Nursery the term after they turn three. A child joining a Nursery during the term that they turn three is known as a Rising 3.

Admissions process for Rising 3s

The current arrangements for Nursery class placements will still apply.

It is important to note that schools only offer Rising 3 places if they have spare capacity following the allocation of all universal (15 hour) places and, by extension, 30 hour places. Rising 3 offers are not prioritised over existing waiting lists for universal places. 

If a Rising 3 place is offered and accepted, School Admissions will contact the parents and advise them that any application for a place at the standard point of admission would be withdrawn. For example, if a parent had applied for a September place but was offered a Rising 3 place to start after the child turned three in May, the September application would no longer be required. The child would have already been placed on roll and would remain at the school without needing to apply again for a place in September.

Schools can still admit Rising 3s that are not eligible for 2-year-old funding. A parent may pay for a place for a term if they wish to do so.

Checking eligibility

Parents eligible for 2-year-old entitlement for families receiving additional government support must obtain a Merton eligibility code here, Synergy - Enquiry (  prior to starting a place.

Schools must confirm the eligibility code with Early Years Provider Hub.

Working parents must apply for an eligibility code from Childcare Choices the term BEFORE they wish their child to take up a funded place. i.e. for places starting in April 2024, parents must obtain a code by 31 March 2024. See table below. 

Admissions process for paid for places

Where a parent agrees to pay for a place for a fixed period, the parent will still need to submit an application for the standard point of entry. Admission will then be considered in the usual way. Purchasing a place in a Nursery for a fixed period does not guarantee a place in the Nursery for the following term.


Children are admitted to the Nursery a term after their third birthday. Children attend Nursery for either a morning or afternoon session. We also provide 30-hour spaces where children attend for a full day. 

If you have accepted a place in our school Nursery for your child, you can request that they join our school as soon as they turn three years of age - without having to wait for the new school term. For example, if your child turns three on 29th April 2024, and you have been offered, and accepted, a place at our school nursery to start in September 2024, if places are available, your child could join us from 29th April. ​​​​​Please contact our school office if you would like more information. 

We hold specific Early Years Open events for families of children who are joining our nursery or reception classes.  These involve a presentation from the Heads of School and the Early Years Leader, a tour of the main school (this is optional) and a visit to the nursery and reception classes.  To book in for an Early Years Open Morning, please email the school office or give us a call. Please note these group events take 45 minutes without the main school tour and around an hour and a half with the main school tour.

Primary school

Children are admitted to primary school in the September of the academic year when they turn 5 years old.  Our maximum admission into any year group is 60. 

All prospective parents are very welcome to come and look around the school.  School tours for families who are joining Hatfeild from another school are led by a member of the Senior Leadership Team, usually the Heads of School.  Please note that these tours are by appointment only. Please contact the school office with your request. 

Once children have been allocated a place, we will contact parents and carers to set up meetings. You and your child will have the opportunity to come to a 'stay and play' where you can meet your child's class teacher and teaching assistants. We find that these sessions offer children and parents reassurance before starting school. Our priority is to help your child settle positively into life at school. 


Information about the appeal process can also be found here.  At Hatfeild, we follow Merton Council's appeals procedure policy.