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British Values

At Hatfeild Primary School we value the diversity of backgrounds of all pupils, families and the wider school community.  

The Department for Education states that there is a need:

“To create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation in all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs”.

The Department for Education defines British Values as follows:

  • Respect for democracy and support or participation in the democratic process
  • Respect for the basis on which the law is made and applies in England
  • Support for equality of opportunity for all
  • Support and respect for the liberties of all within the law
  • Respect for and tolerance of different faiths and religious and other beliefs

Our school reflects British values in all that we do.  We aim to nurture our children on their journey through life, so they can grow into safe, caring, democratic, responsible and tolerant adults who make a positive difference to British society and to the world.

At Hatfeild we actively promote British Values by:


Pupil voice is a key part of life at Hatfeild. Children are always listened to by adults and are taught to listen carefully with respect, knowing that all have a right to be listened to and have their opinions and voices heard. 

Elections are held for the School Council members, all children have the right to vote, reflecting our British electoral system and demonstrating democracy in action. 

The origins of democracy are explored through the curriculum and children are encouraged to debate topics to argue and defend points of view. 

Rule of Law:

At Hatfeild we follow three school rules:

  • Be Ready
  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful

These rules are integral to our learning and ethos, they are consistently reinforced throughout the school day, dealing with behaviour, through RSE and assemblies. 

We encourage children to distinguish right from wrong and understand that living under a rule of law protects and keeps us all safe. At the beginning of each school year, the children are involved in creating class rules and discussing the consequences if they are broken. 

Individual Liberty:

 The children at Hatfeild are actively encouraged to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment. The boundaries set, and the education provided around them, our children are able to make safe choices. They are supported to develop their self-esteem and self-confidence through our curriculum. We give children more freedom to determine their own learning and challenge themselves. The children at Hatfeild are encouraged to take responsibility for their behaviour through the use of zones of regulation.  E-safety sessions, RSE and assemblies educate children on their rights and freedoms, as well as educate them in how to exercise these safely.

Mutual Respect

Respect is a core value at Hatfeild Primary School. Children understand that it is an expectation to treat everyone with respect, whatever differences we may have, and to everything, however big or small. Through assemblies, RE, RSE and visitors, children acquire an understanding of their own and others' cultures and ways of life.  Children are encouraged to perform acts of random kindness, which are celebrated with the whole school. At Hatfeild we are a family that has members from a range of different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds.