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At Hatfeild we believe that strong readers make strong writers.  We follow an approach to our fiction and non-fiction writing based around the main principles of 'Talk for Writing' where children are fluent in retelling a text to be able to then apply and use this in their writing.


The main 4 areas of Talk for Writing we follow at Hatfeild are as follows:


Children orally rehearse a text using a text map and actions. They then investigate some of the language features and vocabulary that have been used.

Children then learn some of the language skills used within their writing and apply this by refining their skills and rewriting part or all of the text

In this stage, children are able to adapt the original story to use their own creative ideas. They may change a setting, a character or an item to keep the same plot but in a new and exciting context relevant to the child's own interests. Children do this by altering their own text map or 'boxing up' their ideas. 

This is where children are able to write all or part of their new text. They can apply the skills taught throughout the unit and include their own original ideas to create a brand new text based on the original model they were looking at