Hatfeild Primary School

Hatfeild Primary School

Hatfeild Primary School

 School Council

Our School Council Leaders are:

Year 2
George, Lilly, Abdullah and Neset
Year 3
Eve, Leo, Daniel and Iris
Year 4
Charlie, Amelia, Aliyah and Oliver
Year 5
Finn, Olive, Mauro and Bela
Year 6
Daniel, Mia, Kayla and Oliver
Oak Class
Joel and Joe

Our School Council Leaders met with our School Governors during the 'Governor Visit Day'.  They impressed the Governors with their confidence and the way that they wanted to use their role to help change things. The children were respectful when sharing ideas and listening to one another.

The School Council had a lengthy discussion about what is going well in school and what they felt were areas for improvement. 

Feedback from the meeting:

  • Our teachers are fun and they enjoy teaching us;
  • English lessons are really fun;
  • Play times have improved with more equipment to play with;
  • Children and adults are holding the doors open for each other when walking around the school;
  • Kindness books in the classrooms are great - they give you a lovely feeling when you have been nominated;
  • Hot dinners need to have bigger portions;
  • The hall floor gets really dirty at lunch time and we have to take our socks off for PE.


As a result of the meeting we have spoken to Caterlink about the portion sizes and ensured the floor is properly swept before afternoon PE sessions begin.