Hatfeild Primary School

Hatfeild Primary School

Hatfeild Primary School



At Hatfeild we foster an early love of reading and language which will be carried throughout the whole of the primary education experience, and far beyond.

We encourage our children to read quality texts and books connected to engaging topics in order to inspire and enrich their educational experience.

To promote reading for pleasure, our children are consistently given access to high quality texts in a wide range of fiction and non-fiction in order to excite and inspire young minds, leading to a life-long love of reading.



 Children are able to achieve the highest individual standards of reading through using a phonetic pathway combined with a range of strategies and skills to decode and comprehend many different text levels.

Opportunities for reading are presented throughout the whole school across the entire curriculum, and through wider activities such as, play scripts in school productions, poster design, and school displays.


 At Hatfeild we celebrate individual achievements in reading every week during our celebration assembly through our ‘Reader of the Week’ award.