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Hatfeild Primary School

Celebrating Birthdays

Children can come to school in your own clothes!

We have an increased number of children in school with various food allergies or food restrictions. When children have brought treats into school to share with their class for their birthday, staff have needed to look carefully at ingredients to ensure that no child is vulnerable and sometimes the treats cannot be given out.

For this reason, and to prevent any child becoming accidentally unwell or in a position where they are upset because treats cannot be shared, we are going to move forward with a new idea for when it is your child's birthday. I have already shared this with the children in Key Stages 1 and 2 and they were very excited!

So, if it is your child's birthday, they can come to school in their own clothes!

This can be whatever they choose- going out clothes, party clothes, sports kit, dressing up costume, etc. The only thing we would ask is no shoes with heals and no 'best' clothes please. Remember, children will still be playing outside and we do not want them to get upset if clothes get dirty / torn.

Don't forget to wear a birthday badge!

If your child has a birthday over a holiday, they can either come in their own clothes the Friday before or the first day back following a school holiday.

If your child's birthday falls over a weekend, then they can come in their own clothes on the Friday before or the Monday after the weekend.

Anita Saville

Executive Head Teacher