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Hatfeild Primary School

Hatfeild Primary School

Rights Respecting School

At Hatfeild Primary School we have started on our journey to become a Rights Respecting school and are working towards achieving the 'Rights Respecting School Award' (RRSA) developed by UNICEF, the world’s leading organisation working for children and their rights.

We have made a commitment to put the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child (UNCRC) at the heart of our school culture and ethos to improve the well-being of our pupils. We also believe, this will help our pupils become confident, caring and responsible young citizens both in school and in the wider community and world in which they live. 

What is meant by ‘rights’?

These are not the same as ‘wants’. Rights are the basic human needs and values that apply or should apply to everyone.

For a full list of children's rights, taken directly from UNICEF, click here.

Does the UNCRC talk about responsibilities?

Yes, with rights come responsibilities. These include:
For children: the responsibility to respect the rights of others.
For parents: to respect and provide for the rights of their children.
For governments: to support families and to respect and provide for the rights of children.

What about children's respect for the rights of others?

Research has shown that when children are taught in school about their rights and responsibilities under the UNCRC, they are more respecting of the rights of others. Children who have learnt about their rights and responsibilities have :

  • a better understanding of what it means to have rights and responsibilities
  • a more positive attitude to school
  • better relationships with their classmates and teachers
  • higher self-esteem
  • an increased awareness of how to be a global citizen

How does teaching about children's rights fit in with the aims of the school?

The aim of both RRS and the school is to help children in achieving their potential and become responsible British citizens. What is taught in the RRS curriculum helps children learn respect for self, others, critical thinking skills and informed decision-making.

What have we done so far?

The school community was introduced to the convention in January 2013. We all understand our roles in following the introduction and have all signed in agreement. Each class began the journey by creating class charters displaying rights relevant to the class, alongside responsibilities the children have to ensure every child has their right met. This learning now takes place in various subjects such as PSHE, History, Geography, Literacy and other subjects.

 For further information on Rights Respecting Schools click here.