Hatfeild Primary School

Hatfeild Primary School

Hatfeild Primary School

Our Vision

our visionPicture a school where everyone feels safe, secure and included; a place where people are happy to come, and take pride in their sense of belonging; a school where children’s voices are heard over the busyness of life and whose care and education lie at the heart of everything that happens.

Here is a school that believes that no-one ever stops learning and where adults and children discover excitement, challenge, enjoyment and fun learning together.  A school where all types of achievement are celebrated and everyone has the confidence to share ideas and treat each other with a sense of equity and dignity.  This is a school where diversity of experiences, cultures and individuals qualities are enjoyed and valued.

our visionHere is a school where there is time enough for teaching and learning, sufficient resources to enable success and an environment in which people can feel okay about saying ‘Well done’, ‘I need help’ and ‘Thank you’.  It is a place where everyone listens and is listened to. Here is a school where both adults and young people feel bold enough to accept challenges and where attempting something is celebrated as much as achieving it.

And think of a school where all learners experience success and feel good about themselves; a school that builds on its previous success and has high expectations of everyone.

So, this is a school where children start on the road to achieve their dreams and where the grown-ups can smile and say that our children are well*.

*In Masai culture a traditional greeting is to ask ‘How are the children?’  To respond with ‘All the children are well’ is to show that life is good.  No matter how difficult times can be, the care of the children remains the most important duty for the community.  With their welfare comes peacefulness, safety and hope for the future.