Hatfeild Primary School

Hatfeild Primary School

Hatfeild Primary School

Our Curriculum

At Hatfeild Primary School our broad and balanced thematic curriculum allows us to develop children into keen enthusiastic learners, with a passion for developing their skills and finding out about the wider world. We encourage children to question, reflect, imagine, investigate, explore and to gain a deeper understanding. We strive to make every aspect of the children’s school life fun and exciting, through providing memorable learning experiences.


We promote the fundamental British values to help us to create a respectful and supportive environment which celebrates the many differences within our school community. We teach our children to embrace diversity and to be socially responsible.


We want all of our children to be the best they can be, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to and prepare them for the modern world we live in.


Holistic Approach: Provide children with the opportunity to flourish both academically and personally.

Achieving Success We believe in achievement for all.

 Thirst for Learning Developing children into keen and enthusiastic learners.                             

 Future Citizens Guiding children to be the best model citizens for their future world.

 Engaging Curriculum Creating memorable experiences to embed learning and promote curiosity.

 Inclusivity for All Recognising that every child is a unique individual, embracing diversity and fostering equality.

 Learning to live together Building empathy for others’ points of view, and understanding diversity.

 Developing Young Minds Developing a growth mind set where there are no limits to curiosity.


Reading Writing Maths 

Science  PSHE (Including Sex and Relationships) 

 RE PE History 

Geography Art & Design Music