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Hatfeild Primary School

Hatfeild Primary School


At Hatfield we believe that there’s no such thing as a ‘maths person’ and everyone can do maths with the right support and tools. Maths is a subject that we are passionate about and feel that everyone can and should be able to perform confidently and competently.


 Why do we teach Maths the way we do?


We teach maths at Hatfeild so that all children are able to understand the processes and how numbers can be manipulated, not just repeating facts. It is about the why, not the how. We encourage all children to question their own understanding to deepen their love of number and to further their own mathematical knowledge. We believe that an answer in maths should only ever just be beginning of a new question.


How do we teach Maths at Hatfeild?


At Hatfeild we teach maths starting using a concrete, pictoral and abstract approach relevant to each year group. We aim to provide children with the correct skills and resources needed to not only solve, but also understand a new concept.

Where appropriate, we believe that all children should learn maths through a contextualised approach in order to deepen their understanding of maths in the real world. We solve problems and aim to equip children for a mathematical future. We want to install a life-long love of number and calculation and apply this to everyday life.