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Physical Education Provision


Our PE Statement


At Hatfeild we value the importance on PE and the role it has to play in promoting long term, healthy lifestyles. The intent of our PE curriculum is to provide children with high quality PE and sport provision.

In our early years we aim to teach and develop fine and gross motor skills that will enable our students to access the games and sports they will learn as they move higher up. By the time they leave Year 6, we aim for all students to have a working knowledge of defence and invasion games, ball and racquet sports, dance and gymnastics.

We believe that tactical and mental understanding of sports need to work hand in hand with physical skill. Through teaching PE, we will develop values and transferable life skills such as teamwork, fairness and respect, as well as providing them with opportunities to take part in competitive sport. We use the ‘Head, Heart, Hand’ approach to assess where the children are at the end of each module, and talented pupils are signposted or encouraged to join local clubs.


Our Hatfeild PE Policy, in line with Merton Sports Partnership



Schools Sports Premium Funding


The government is providing each primary school with additional funding which is to be spent on improving the sports provision within schools. The money is spent on CPD for the teachers, through high quality coaching during PE lessons; access to lunch and afterschool clubs for a range of sports throughout the year; purchasing and maintaining sport equipment for the school and enabling children to participate in competitive sporting events across the borough. The budget on how this money is spent can be found below.

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Click here to see our whole school PE Timetable for the year 2021-2022