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Hatfeild Primary School

Hatfeild Primary School

  The Lighthouse  


"The Lighthouse guides our pupils and families through sometimes stormy seas."


 Hatfeild ARP - The Lighthouse -  is an Additionally Resourced Provision for 16 children with a primary need of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. We have been open since April 2016. We work closely with the other primary ASD ARPs in Merton to ensure consistently high quality provision for our families. 


Admissions to the ARP are entirely separate from places in the main school – and are made through Merton’s Special Educational Needs Admissions Team.


We promote a collaborative approach between our staff and parents so as to best support our pupils.  We aim to create opportunities for parents to come together and for friendships between pupils to be celebrated which strengthens our ARP community.


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Our Lighthouse Curriculum Intent 

Hughes Class Curriculum Map

Potter Class Curriculum Map